Decant Wine and Cheese Deli

We had the pleasure of eating at Decant Wine and Cheese Deli this week. It’s a new wine bar in Bedford, near the river and perfect for pre- or post- dinner drinks. Decant has a welcoming feel, with large windows to look of and a chic interior.









We indulged in the vegan cheese sharing platter, red wine and prosecco. ‘Indulge’ is certainly the right the word as the platter looked amazing, complete with nuts, celery, dates, grapes, chutney and a host of other accompaniments. It was served with freshly baked bread and crackers.

Not only was the texture of the cheeses quite cheese-like; firm and smooth, but they all had unique flavours including cranberry, sundried tomato and garlic. This is a must for vegan cheese lovers, or even non-vegans. The good thing is that it felt very inclusive so you’d feel happy here whatever you dietary preference. For me, it was a treat to be able to eat everything that was presented and not have to tweak the menu to leave bits out or replace items.

Thank you Michelle, you were brilliant. We had a fabulous evening and look forward to seeing you again soon.

I can’t recommend Decant highly enough, you’ll have a great time. Are there other great vegan places you’d recommend in or near Bedford?


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