Hello, my name is Verity and I created this blog for people like me who would like to discover wonderful vegan, sustainably sourced, ethical products, meals, events – anything really! – so that we can make positive steps to reducing our harmful impact on the planet in a simple way.

I became vegetarian when I was around 12 after a family holiday on a farm where I cared for a tiny lamb, bottle feeding him and visiting him each day. After that, I simply couldn’t eat meat.

However, during the last couple of years, I’ve become vegan due to the suffering caused by the dairy and egg industries, but also for the health benefits.

Hearing the alarming recent news that we have only 11 years to make a change to the level of global warming and that species are dying out due to human consumption, it feels that anything we can do to be more sustainable is essential. Therefore, I hope that by raising awareness about the different choices available, we can make a positive change.

Thank you for visiting. I would love to hear your feedback and also hear about anything that you have discovered too so I can feature it.



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